Data management and advertising for life sciences

What does it do ?

The eGenVar provides a easy and systematic way to manage information and to advertise data. A set of tags and relationships between the donors, samples and files are used when locating information.

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Installation instructions

 eGenVar is a software system with a server and clients. All components including a database management system and an application server comes embedded, so the system is ready to use without installing anything else.

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How to use it

There are two types of clients that can be used interact with the eGenVar server. They are the user friendly web interface and the advanced clients using the web service.

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Latest News

01/03/15 The beta 3.0 is now available 
Bug fixes and performance improvements

27/02/15 Documentation updated
New documentation available

Unique features

Data advertising system

eGenVar can be used regardless of whether the data is big or small, private or public , images or text in the same way. EGDMS does not hold on to your file, it just records what type of information are contained in them, how was it generated, how it is liked to rest of the data  and where they are located. As the actual files do not reside in the system, there is less concern for security.

The link between LIMS and research data

This is the only system at the moment that can be easily used to link between your LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and the data from research conducted using the samples

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